FilmFTW (Film For The Win) is an educational website about the filmmaking process with a mission to empower filmmakers for success. It’s entirely run by one dude, Varinder Singh Chahal, an aspiring filmmaker. It’s a place I share valuable information I’ve come across regarding all areas of the filmmaking process.

Why start this?

I enjoy learning as much as I can about the filmmaking process so I can become the best filmmaker that I can be. I’m sure this is something you can relate to as a fellow filmmaker. And so I decided to start this website where I can catalog all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and share that with you so that it may help you on your path to success.

How do I define a

“successful filmmaker”?

A successful filmmaker is someone who can survive and thrive as a filmmaker financially and creatively. A filmmaker who is empowered by the ability of creating exactly what they want and achieve the level of financial success that allows them to continue doing what they love doing…making movies.

What is the mission for FilmFTW?

To help filmmakers who may be stuck in some area of the filmmaking process that is stopping them from achieving massive success. For example,

  • Writing: Learning how to write a screenplay that sells
  • Directing: Understanding what it takes to become a successful director
  • Producing: The challenges producers face during production and how to overcome them
  • Financing: How to get your movie crowd-funded successfully
  • Marketing: Getting your movie marketed to the right audience without spending a fortune
  • Distribution: Finding the right distributor that generates massive success and profits

Why listen to me?

I’ve never won an Oscar, an Emmy or a glamorous film festival award. I only have a limited amount of experience trying to make my own short films and having worked on one feature film as a storyboard artist and production assistant. And, I never went to a film school. I simply learned everything on my own by picking up a camera and started making movies.

So that begs the question, why should you listen to me when you can visit hundreds of other websites on the internet from more experienced filmmakers? Well, that’s exactly it. There are A LOT of places you can find incredible information about filmmaking. But maybe you don’t have the time or money to browse the internet for the best information about making movies. And that’s exactly what I’ve set out to do. To share with you, the best information that I’ve come across that has helped other filmmakers achieve massive success.

There’s a quote I picked up from a well-known fellow named, Jim Rohn who says, “Success leaves clues”. So, even though I may not have a ton of filmmaking experience; I plan to learn from the best. The best writers, directors, and producers. How did they achieve their level of success? Where and why did they fail? And what did they learn from their failures that brought them massive success? These are questions I’m very interested in so I may uncover the clues to success.

If you’ve been reading up to this point, first off, thank you so much for reading this far, you kick ass! But, that also tells me you’re serious about becoming a successful filmmaker. I highly recommend subscribing to my email newsletter where I send you the best information I’ve discovered about filmmaking right to your inbox. Simply click the subscribe button below and join me among hundreds of other aspiring filmmakers around the world as we achieve massive success.


What you will learn:

  • How to write a script
  • Screenplay format
  • How to write for passion and business
  • Exclusive content that I only share through email

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